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Discover your Passion,
IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, renew your mind and transform your body


- Personal Training SCQF level 7

- Higher National Diploma Fitness, Health and Exercise

-BSc (Hons) In Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing

Goal Setting

Development of your personal Short, Medium and Long term goals

Training and Nutrition

A bespoke training plan and nutritional guidance propelling you towards your goals

a team-mate 

Proper guidance and motivation in the gym, breakdown of correct technique, as well as constant online support and advice


Weekly check-ins reviewing progress and developing next steps when necessary to keep you moving forward

Focus on Fitness - About Campbells Coaching

Focus on Fitness

About Campbells Coaching

Hi, my name is Robbie. I am someone who takes great pride and relishes in seeing others improve their health, fitness, and confidence through exercise. Guiding and being side by side others on their journey to reach their fullest potential brings me overwhelming happiness and satisfaction. So being able to do this every day as my job is a dream come true.

I was not the most active person growing up and like many people I saw working-out as a chore most of the time. That was until the age of 15 when a switch flipped, and 

I discovered my passion. My older brother introduced me to resistance training. I was in love and immediately immersed myself in all thing’s fitness. From then on, I knew I wanted to be a bodybuilder and at the age of 16 I joined the gym and started my own fitness journey. I found my passion in bodybuilding, now let me help you discover yours. 

I have always had a sense of gratitude for bodybuilding and fitness in general. It has impacted my life in a lot more ways than simply improving my muscle mass; I have met more people through training than I could have ever hoped, it has been a constant source of enjoyment, helping to develop my confidence and discipline over the years, even inspiring me to go to college and university to study health, fitness, and exercise. Training has given me a sense of direction in my life that I did not have previously.


This is the fuel behind Campbells coaching; I want others to discover what benefits, exercise and a healthy lifestyle can yield for them. I aim to guide each client towards confidence and success in the gym, educating them about nutrition and proper technique along the way. What you learn with me will be the foundation upon which you build your new healthy lifestyle, in a way which can be sustained for the rest of your life.



I would love to hear from you, feel free to get in touch



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my Services

  • Assessing your starting point then developing short, medium and long term health and fitness goals specific to you and your requirements.

  • Developing a bespoke training plan and nutritional guidance designed with your goals in mind.

  • Booking 1-1 sessions to improve your understanding and confidence, all while giving you the tools to continue to train outwith these 1-1 sessions.

  • Weekly check ins reviewing your progress physically, mentally and within the gym.

  • Constant support and guidance to keep you on the right track to smash your goals.


How to Get In Touch


You can reach me at any of the suggested platforms above or swing by for a chat in person.

I offer free taster sessions so come along and see what its all about and lets get you started

Based at Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird Pure Gym

Unit 7A Fort Kinnaird Newcraighall Road, Edinburgh EH15 3RD

My Services

Getting Booked In

Please note, in the interest of your potential to progress, there is a minimum start-up period of 3 months

4 face to face sessions per Month + 

Full catalogue of Services =  £150

8 face to face sessionS PER MONTH +

Full catalogue of Services =  £280



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